"A path is made by walking on it." Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou)

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Our most significant link to reality is the connection to the environment we live in. The objects and their relationships affect us inherently.

That phenomenon inspired me to create abstract sculptures, containing such elements that can change their appearance dynamically, influenced by ambient movements and sounds.

I am an engineer by profession but a craftsman at soul. That has determined my decades-long career from computer engineering through computer-generated imagery to robotics. The evolution of mass production has forced craftsmanship to the edge of extinction; nevertheless, it has also created the knowledge that makes it possible to revolutionize that.

I work in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship but utilize cutting edge technology to create meaningful objects that shape not only our environment, but also our soul.

Interior Decorative Art

The interior we live in is the expression of ourselves, but at the same time influences us fundamentally. Therefore, interior decorative art is a powerful statement and reflection of our passions, interests, and values. It is also a source of thought-provoking emotions that have meanings for us and others.

Artist, Artisan, Mechatronics Engineer